I have always wanted to be part of the bridge from China to the Western world.


For me, SILK Ventures is a place where I cannot only advance my career goals, but dream big whilst helping others realise their own China dreams.  That’s why I joined SILK after completing my MBA at Imperial College Business School.


Prior to SILK, I enjoyed a comprehensive academic background: before my MBA, I obtained an M.A. at Renmin University, one of the leading Humanities and Social Science-focused Universities in China. My education at Renmin provided a solid foundation whilst giving me the opportunity to forge strong relationships with emerging Chinese business and political leaders.


During 5 years as a Management Consultant for PwC, I led business critical projects for global companies, supported domestic SOEs in forming their business strategy, and improved domestic operational efficiency for leading foreign companies.


I have a highly flexible approach to cross-border investment management, having gained deep experience in my involvement with the biggest finance transformation program in Australia during “China-Australia fast track.”


The Chinese market has unique challenges and I have witnessed many world-class foreign ventures struggle to thrive. My mission is to help foreign ventures succeed in China, while also boosting China’s economy through cutting-edge technology. All technology excites me, but I have a particular passion and strength in healthcare.


During my time in the PwC Melbourne office, I recognised the importance of Eastern and Western cultures truly understanding one another for the future business development. Thus, I decided to pursue my full-time MBA in London, the global hub for business and technology. With a scholarship to Imperial College Business School, my adventure in cutting-edge technology began and now, with SILK, I hope that I can deliver on my mission.


From Berlin to Tel Aviv, Vienna to Ho Chi Minh City, I have been motivated by technology development and the passion of founders. I wish to dedicate my career to helping them realise their business potential and make a meaningful impact on the world.


Work with the right people to execute the right opportunities” is what I have believed in and will pursue.




We are a team of entrepreneurs and investors with distinctive backgrounds who have lived and worked in China experiencing its exciting development over the past 20 years. Collectively, our experience covers 15+ industries and all stages of a company’s life from inception to exit.