I was born in Hong Kong, where "East meets West", and I grew up presuming my proficient bilingualism isn’t a particularly remarkable flair. Embarking on a career in finance, I recognise my innate understanding of both the Chinese and Western cultures is immensely valuable in forging powerful relationships.
I have a strong aversion to fitting the traditional mould. I strive to stay authentic and embrace challenges. My mentor once said, “if you’re at a fork, always take the road less travelled.” My background and experience in corporate finance, insurance and actuarial science, are instrumental in my odyssey into growth investing.
Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. I decided to learn French because of my interest in its cuisine and culture, to overcome the language barrier in learning French recipes and appreciating French music. I find that my inquisitiveness facilitates my collaboration with start-up founders.
Always remember your roots, and the people who helped you along the way. My family roots in Xiamen, China, bring me back to the city every now and then.
I joined SILK because I am passionate about new business ideas, creations, cutting-edge technology trends and start-ups. I would love to leverage my background in corporate finance, focusing on building relationships with bold entrepreneurs and promising start-ups, in the hope of discovering the next revolutionary product or technology, which could make a positive impact on the world.
I’m most fascinated by fintech and deep tech, but I don’t want to rule anything out. Innovation can come from anywhere, anytime.
I believe one should always be guided by integrity and act with transparency. Only do what you truly believe is right, and only say what you really mean.
I started bouldering since moving to the UK, and it’s one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had, overcoming my acrophobia in the process. You focus on the challenges in front of you and should never be hindered by the terrifying heights behind. It reminds me to set my heart and eyes onto the future.
I am a strong advocate of gender equality. I am ambitious, with the determination to lead and succeed. I am not an idealist, but I do wish that gender equality was something that we didn’t have to fight for. I am constantly looking for ways to help other young women to be successful in their careers.


We are a team of entrepreneurs and investors with distinctive backgrounds who have lived and worked in China experiencing its exciting development over the past 20 years. Collectively, our experience covers 15+ industries and all stages of a company’s life from inception to exit.