Guangdong Governor and Delegation Visit SILK Offices in London

13 Jun 2017

June 13, 2017: Mr. HU Chunhua, a Member of the Political Bureau, CPC Central Committee and the Party Secretary of CPC Guangdong Committee, led the Guangdong delegation visit to the London offices of SILK Ventures, accompanied by H.E. Ambassador LIU Xiaoming. As part of the visit, the delegation aimed to thoroughly understand the background, development and mission of SILK Ventures. The delegation also included: Mr. WEN Guohui, the Mayor of Guangzhou; Mr. CHEN Qiuyan, the Director General of Guangdong Foreign Affairs Office; Mr. TU Gaokun, the Director General of Guangdong Economic & Information Commission; Mr. ZHENG Jianrong, the Director General of Guangdong Department of Commerce and fourteen additional officers.


Angelica Anton, Founding Partner of SILK Ventures, delivered a comprehensive overview presentation. Angelica noted that SILK’s blended international team, including alumni from Oxford, Harvard and Wharton Business School, have extensive and deeply relevant experience in cross-border operations, having all lived and worked in China.

Since its establishment in 2015, SILK has focused on pioneering a new model of scaling technological innovation globally, with the Chinese market as a catalyst. In September 2016, the Mayor of Shenzhen Mr. XU Qin visited SILK and highly praised SILK’s advancement, inviting SILK Ventures to work with Shenzhen on bridging the "tech silk road" between the East and the West. Later, the Shenzhen Trade and Investment Department opened a Representative Office inside SILK’s office with the support of Shenzhen government, consolidating a fruitful collaboration.


After the presentation, Mr. Hu expressed his appreciation for SILK Ventures' initiative. He encouraged increased communication between SILK and the Guangdong business community, with an additional vision to pioneer further model of scaling technological innovation with other Guangdong cities.  Mr. Zheng expressed strong support of SILK’s business activities in Qianhai and the targeted VC fund with SASAC’s Shenzhen Investment Holdings. He believes that the fund will truly benefit local economic and industrial development.


14th June 2017: Director General Mr. HE Xiaojun led the Shenzhen People’s Government delegation visit to SILK Ventures. The delegation learnt about SILK’s progress in Shenzhen and business executives expressed interest in working with SILK, including PingAn Technologies.