What we look for:

Every week we meet tens of entrepreneurs looking to shape the future. They are passionate; they inspire and lead colossal effort from their teams. They promise to create iconic companies, transform archaic industries and build upon their global vision. When stars align, we share in that passion and partner with the teams to help their companies break the barriers and scale-up into the massive Chinese market.

In line with our strategic partnership with SASAC Shenzhen, we are interested in transformational, deep science / deep tech companies that can create significant efficiencies within their industries. We prefer companies who are at growth stage and have proven themselves in the market place. We are also interested in earlier stage companies if the teams and technologies are outstanding. SASAC China has set aside USD $100 billion for cross-border acquisitions.

Our companies get direct access to key decision makers within our global corporate network. We also fast-track them through the complexities of the Chinese business environment and accelerate their expansion using our team’s first-hand experience in China. We are stage-agnostic, but look for strong evidence of market fit, technology soundness and global scalability.

Send us your business plan to and we will reply as soon as we can.

Our Co-investment network consists of leading Chinese VCs and PE firms.